About the center


The Mighty Headmaster!

Mustafa Güzel is our headmaster for 4 years.

He deals with teachers, candidates, schedule the courses, handle all the things about money, make connection with the upper level of hierarchy.

So, as you can guess, he is "The Boss"..


Assistant Principal No.1

Elvan Usul

She has the other parts and duties, left behind by the headmaster.

Veery hardworking woman..


Assistant Principal No.2

F.Umut Dizdar

I have nothing to do, because The Boss and No.1 handles everything.

Some of my duties are; Hanging around, making fun of the trainees, kicking the litter boxes..

What do we do

In this center, we provide many courses  for adults. Sorry, not just for adults; from 14 to 90 (well, the upper age limit is not really the limit, you know, if a person is still alive and can come to the classroom, he or she is free to attend the lessons..)


You can find some of the courses below, click on them to have a look at what is going on..


We are also very open minded about the Erasmus+ projects! So if you want us as a partner (the best partner ever!) here is our Pic Number: 909265391 and Organisation Id: E10165174


If you want more than pic code, then have a look at our Partner Information File(Pif) by clicking here..


Do you want to have a look at the building. Click here..


You can find "The real official k12 web site" by  clicking this link..

Want to get in touch?

Institution: selcukhem@gmail.com

Contact Person: fumutdizdar@gmail.com


Do you want to visit us?

Maybe want to apply for a course? We can arrange what you want! Just send a mail to fumutdizdar@gmail.com